WORK 2017—2022

Experience Design + Product Delivery
frog, New York, NY — 2021

︎︎︎ Experience Strategy
︎︎︎ Design Language System
︎︎︎ UX/UI Design

User experience and visual interaction design extending Sesame visual brand identity into MVP digital product for customers and restaurant operators.

Sesame’s marketplace allows restaurants and diners to share authentic dining experiences while still safeguarding the restaurant’s business. This is a food delivery platform designed by restaurants.

Experience Concept
frog, San Francisco, CA — 2021

︎︎︎ Design Research
︎︎︎ Experience Definition
︎︎︎ Visual Design

Experience concepts for ‘future of’ connected apparel. 
Work under NDA—inquire within.

Eli Lilly
Experience Concept
frog, Austin, TX — 2020

︎︎︎ Design Research + Usability Testing
︎︎︎ Experience Definition
︎︎︎ UX/UI Design

Proof of concept for life-saving connected device.
Work under NDA—inquire within.

Venture Design + Product Delivery
frog, Austin, TX — 2018

︎︎︎ Design Research
︎︎︎ Brand Design + Experience Definition
︎︎︎ UX/UI Design

Entry to market strategy, venture design, and digital MVP product design+delivery in partnership with Tuesday Capital.

Alto sought to establish itself as the antithesis to Uber and Lyft — not being a technology platform, instead offering a service experience tranportation vertical. The brand and product experience is designed for consistent, elevated, and tailored rides.

Venture Design
Private Equity, Copenhagen, DK  — 2017

︎︎︎ Brand Identity
︎︎︎ Art Direction
︎︎︎ Packaging

Concept direction for new cannabis venture in partnership with a private equity firm. Brand, naming, visual mood, and entry-to-market strategy created for a cannabis farmer collective experimenting with new strains and established hybrids.